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Investment Planning

Affluent clients often belong to families comprised of several generations: individuals with differing values, preferences, objectives, and geographic locations. They may have a number of tax entities, investment accounts, service institutions, and professional advisory relationships. When these variables act independently of one another and pursue separate objectives, it can result in a fragmented, and unnecessarily risky, financial picture. These complex relationships require effective management and a well-organized process: investment planning that seeks well-defined, strategic objectives, and tracks success with quality and performance measures. Being advocates of a holistic approach to investment planning, our practice offers comprehensive financial services because we believe clients are best served when their financial needs are viewed in the context of their entire picture rather than a chronological event.  


Instead, we use broader approach believing financial needs tend to surround three main issues: addressing current liquidity, providing for longevity and leaving a legacy.  Therefore, our goal is to support our clients’ various needs as they transition through these lifecycle phases.  We also believe that financial needs are not isolated from life’s other requirements so we work to build relationships with our client’s families and professional advisors, such as their accountants and attorneys. It has been most satisfying for us to help so many professionals and generations of clients plan for their future.

 30+ Years of Accumulated Practice

Investment Planning

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